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Bioenvironmental Engineering

Gas Mask Fit Testing (Walk-In only)

Performed on Tuesdays at IPE in building #4001. This is the same building you check out your Chemical Gear and Gas Mask.

Do not eat, drink (besides water), or consume any tobacco products at least 30 minutes before you arrive.

Frequency Needed

IAW DAFI 48-137, a gas mask quantitative fit test (QNFT) is only required once per lifetime, upon arrival at the first permanent duty station, or upon assignment to a unit type code. A fit test will be re-accomplished if a new size or new type of mask is issued, the wearer gains or loses 10 percent or more of body weight following completion of the initial fit test, or the wearer experiences extensive dental work, facial surgery, scarring, or disfigurement.

Record Keeping

BE does not keep or provide old copies of previous fit tests. Member will be provided 3 copies of their fit test: one for the member, gas mask carrier, and UDM. It is recommended that the member upload a copy in AEF Online.

Industrial Respiratory Protection (RP) Fit Testing

Refer to your workplace RP supervisor to schedule an appointment.

Conditions prior to scheduling (for Industrial RP Fit Testing Only)

Please call the Public Health Clinic to verify you have a current medical evaluation questionnaire on file prior to scheduling an appointment. Their phone number is 618-256-4986. Do not eat, drink (besides water) or consume any tobacco products 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

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