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News | March 8, 2021

Team Scott showcases medical team to Air Force Surgeon General

Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, Air Force Surgeon General, and Chief Master Sgt. Dawn M. Kolcynski, Medical Enlisted Force and enlisted corps chief, were given a tour of the medical facilities and assets across Scott Air Force Base, March 9.

The tour was led by Col. Richard L. Woodruff Jr., 375th Medical Group commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Keyser Voigt, 375th Med Group command chief.

The tour highlighted three of Scott’s medical assets, the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, the O’Fallon Family Health Medical Clinic and the 375th Med Group.

The first place Hogg was shown was the 375th AES. Here, the flight nurse and Aeromedical Evacuation technicians briefed on their special capabilities, like their unique hands-on training. The 375th AES use an old airframe that has all the functions of an aircraft except the wings, which they use to rehearse flight procedures and in-flight patient care.

“We were honored and excited to show her what we have done,” said Col. James Campion, 375th AES commander. “Knowing her background of continuous process improvement helped us understand our paths, and potential challenges, by walking her through our process.”

After the 375th AES briefed their capabilities, Hogg was toured the O’Fallon Family Health Medical Clinic, where she was shown how the staff operate and work within a civilian environment.

The O’Fallon Family Health Medical Clinic showcased how the medical team works with military families.

Hogg and Kocynski then went to see how the 375th Med Group helps Airmen stay ready for the fight. They got to see how the 375th Med Group operates and how they have adapted during COVID-19.

“It’s been a long and difficult journey for our healthcare professionals,” said Woodruff. “They’ve been able to overcome challenges and learn how to safely screen patients outside the walls of our building, disburse medication refills via a drive-through and safely test our beneficiaries for COVID-19.”

After Hogg saw how Team Scott’s medical professionals were taking care of patients and fighting COVID-19, she went to see how the 375th Dental Squadron was operating.

The Dental Squadron showed her how they have also adapted to the COVID-19 environment, by showing her they ways they innovated to provide patients with the best dental care possible. They also showcased how new technology is helping them with dental health.

Hogg then spoke to a gathering for medical professionals at Scott.

“We’ve been running you hard and you guys have done phenomenal,” said Hogg at the All Call. “I am incredibly proud of what you guys do each and every day.”

The medical team here at Scott was very excited to show Hogg their abilities, and they believe that they were able to successfully capture the ways they have learned to provide safe, world-class patient care.
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