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Health Services

Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Clinic is a primary care clinic with an interdisciplinary approach to delivering high quality, comprehensive, evidence-based, compassionate care.

Our enrolled adult patients with chronic medical problems are provided access to a team of health care providers – physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and clinical pharmacists – to develop a complete, personalized health care plan. We are closed to open enrollment, but if you need to be seen by our clinic, ask your assigned primary care provider if a transfer is possible.

Your health care team includes:
  • Core Care Team – You and your assigned clinician. If your Core Care Team clinician is not available, you will be cared for by another qualified clinician in the clinic.
  • Extended Care Team – Front desk staff, registered nurses, other clinicians and nursing staff, and a clinical pharmacist.
We offer comprehensive adult primary care services for empaneled patients, including:
  • Annual health maintenance
  • Longitudinal follow-up and management of chronic medical conditions
  • Appointments for new health concerns
  • Periodic wellness exams
  • Clinical pharmacy consultations  

Telephone (“Virtual”) Appointments

We offer telephone appointments for empaneled patients. These appointments are for concerns that do not require a physical exam.

House call appointments may be booked through the Central Appointment Center.

A member of your care team will call on the phone prior to the scheduled appointment time with your pre-appointment questionnaire.

In-Clinic Visit Expectations

For our patients with complex medical conditions, we ask that they please bring in all medications, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements, so we can do a full medication review and ensure patient safety.

A full medication review can help us identify any potential drug interactions or side effects and ensure you’re taking the right medications for your condition. We understand you may have multiple medications, so please bring them in a bag or box so we can easily review them.

If you are diabetic, bring a log of your blood sugars. If you have high blood pressure, bring a log of your home blood pressures.

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Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.                                 
Closed on federal holidays and the second Thursday of each month for training


First Floor, Scott Medical Clinic (Next to Pharmacy)
310 W. Losey St., Building 1530
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